We create strong Brands that will get your company noticed at Oye Amritsar, 6th Block Koramangala, Bangalore.

  • Price/Day
    Rs. 833
  • Available From
    Sep 14, 2017
  • Ad space height
    4 Feet
  • Ad space width
    4 Feet
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SPACEADX Premium Ad Agency
Bangalore, India

About this ad space :

The restaurant serves authentic Punjabi and Tandoori cuisine. In addition, they also serve good buffet lunches. It’s a good place for eating out with family and friends. Get there early to avoid the weekend crowds. It is next to Banana Beach Bar Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore.

The ambience is pleasing. This rooftop restaurant’s ‘highway dhaba’ theme is brought to life with corny movie lines, retro Bollywood movie posters, peppy Punjabi music and food served on copper plated utensils. The staff is cordial and helps with menu suggestions, if required.

Ad Campaign

SPACEADX ad agency will create interaction points and zone of interaction for your Brand/Business product or service in Oye Amritsar.

1. Tent cards - We will design, print and place your branded tent cards on each table of the restaurant.

2. Notice board - Your branded A4 size banner/poster will be placed on the notice board

Brand Lover Interaction

The consumer's will interact with your brand while having their lunch or dinner. SPACEADX research shows in most cases they lift and check what's written on the tent card. We can design a catchy phrase or campaign that suits your brand promotion strategy.

SPACEADX Recommendation

It's suggested to book the ad campaign for maximum impact.



Analytics: Footprints

Our spaceadx expert interacted with the spacehost and got these numbers. The numbers are based on spacehost personal obeservation & understanding of the adspace external variables.

60000 /Month

Ad space viewers in numbers

1300 /Month

Banana Beach Bar

800 /Month

China Pearl

1900 /Month

Hotel Nandhana Grand

Total Impression per month : 64000

Ad space location: