Logo Design for your business, from professional designer from premier design Institutes in India & abroad.

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SPACEADX Premium Ad Agency
Bangalore, India

About this ad space :

Your business Logo speaks first more than your business do.The logo can be for your business or for your personal branding needs.SPACEADX adtech agency has designers from premier design institutes from India & Abroad who will churn your logo following design methodology & branding principles.

Ad Campaign

The logo will fit your branding needs.Our high confidence levels stems from the experience & education in design for business.We assure you the effectiveness of the logo we develop for you. The care and skill that go into the making of them ensure they work as the most prominent and primary tool of communication of your business, the face of your organization, the most powerful representation of the nature and goals of your business and the signature you put on the promises you make to your prospect.

Efficient Logo design will complete half the business.We understand this enormous task and equipped with people who can really do this for you. It needs mixing of graphical representation with human creativity.SPACEADX guarantees you preparation of Logo which will be highlighted in your area of business. A word can be a Logo as well as Style of Letters can be a Logo and color of single letter can differentiate your business from others.

Turn around time

The logo can be churned out in one week.Maximum iterations allowed is three to meet your expectations.


SPACEADX shares the raw design files with you on request.The desinger also converts the logo in most accepted file format and share it with you.We have a repositiory that is shared with each client.All the design are stored and worked via the repository. 


We give files in these format.












Logo file formats

The logo artwork we work on can be one of two image types.One is known as

> vector based

> bitmap, pixel based or raster.

Vector based files usually require professional design software to open.They are unlimited resolution (can be used really big, and really small) and are primarily print and source files.

Bitmap (raster or pixel) files are the ones you’ll generally be using – on your website or in email signatures for example – but are limited in what you can do.You can’t, for example, enlarge the image size of a pixel-based file without it becoming blurry as the individual pixels become noticeable.You can usually reduce it fairly safely. Generally speaking, a raster file is for use anytime your is to be viewed on a monitor or TV screen. A vector file is for anytime your logo is going to be printed on something.

EPS file is the file from which ALL other types and formats can be made.This is a vector-based file, which in the simplest terms means that it features unlimited resolution – it can be reproduced at any size without any degradation of sharpness or quality. This is the file that you will send to almost anybody who is going to print something for you, be it T-shirts, brochures or mugs. Can be imported into many other design applications.You probably won’t use this file too much (unless you have access to design software like Adobe Illustrator or if the software you’re using requests an EPS file) but keep it safe and make backups. 

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