Drop your brand message in 400+ plus family mail boxes, advertise and reach your customers

  • Price/Day
    Rs. 500
  • Available From
    Jun 30, 2017
  • Ad space height
    2 Feet
  • Ad space width
    2 Feet
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SPACEADX Premium Ad Agency
Bangalore, India

About this ad space :

Mail boxes, yes mail boxes.This ad campaign is curated by SPACEADX Creative ad team with simple thought process.Direct & personalized reach.The house owner frequentley checks his mail box, imagine one fine beautiful morning he/she opens his mail box. 

And your ad campaign is there along with his personal mails & letters. 

Ad Campaign

SPACEADX Creative ad team designed this ad campaign to have a personal touch to your brand communication with your consumers.Our team can help in giving a great concept based on your brand requirements.

Book online or drop e-mail to hello@spaceadx.in

Persona's / Brand Lover

Head of family or even the female partner will be the chosen persona for this ad campaign.Yes chances are there even other family members may have a look at your ad campaign while it is kept somewhere in the personal zone, i.e Home. 


Analytics: Footprints

Our spaceadx expert interacted with the spacehost and got these numbers. The numbers are based on spacehost personal obeservation & understanding of the adspace external variables.

12000 /Month

Ad space viewers in numbers

4 /Month


2 /Month


1 /Month


Total Impression per month : 12007

Ad space location: