Notification board advertising, showcase your brand/products to 400+ families

  • Price/Day
    Rs. 333
  • Available From
    Jun 29, 2017
  • Ad space height
    3 Feet
  • Ad space width
    3 Feet
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SPACEADX Premium Ad Agency
Bangalore, India

About this ad space :

A notice board is an intutive manner of advertising.Residents living in a locality or apartment spend focussed energy while reading the notice boards of their respective apartments.As per our studies and user research behaviours, the main reason for this user behaviour is the "Personalization" aspects of information relay. 

The information displayed in these notice boards are read and understood by majority of residents.

Ad Campaign

This ad campaign is suitable for Brands/Business who are seeking to connect with their customers who are varied ranging from kids, adults & senior citizens.All three major user persona's can be addressed with this ad campaign. 

The reason being Kids, Adults & Senior citizens read their notice boards most often. 

We can have A4 & A3 size advertising campaigns designed by our team.If you have your own design we can get it printed & installed. 

Book this campaign online or Drop e-mail to 

Persona's / Brand Lovers 

Once the ad campaign is live, these persona's will be subjected to the influx of this ad campaign.

> Kids

> Adults 

> Senior Citizens 


Analytics: Footprints

Our spaceadx expert interacted with the spacehost and got these numbers. The numbers are based on spacehost personal obeservation & understanding of the adspace external variables.

9000 /Month

Ad space viewers in numbers

100 /Month


400 /Month


200 /Month


Total Impression per month : 9700

Ad space location: