Gain brand awareness in coffee house at Brigade road, Bangalore. Promote your brand to 15000 people.

  • Price/Day
    Rs. 333
  • Available From
    May 13, 2017
  • Ad space height
    2 Feet
  • Ad space width
    2 Feet
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Puneet Verma
Bangalore, India

About this ad space :

This veg restaurant is a key location for passers by, locals and even western customers.The place is clean, well managed and is at a prime location on Brigade road, Bangalore. 

Daily there are more than 600+ people visiting the restaurant.

Ad Consumers

The advertising campaign will be visible to

> College students 

> Professonals 

> Senior citizens 

Ad Campaign 

This ad campaign is designed by our team of experts and technical team.We will integrate a web based automated video playstation giving you the current Data analytics related to the video played.

Gone are the day's when the ad campaign were not tracked, we have build upon common sense and sheer technology to design + execute creative, innovative, sticky ad campaigns for Business/Brands.

Interaction points

The ad consumers will interact at multiple junctions with your brand. This will give maximum leverage and brand recollection.

We have planned 4 interaction point.

> Enterance 

> Video ad campaign 

> Print ad campaign 

> Promotional ad campaign 



1. Your brand name will stick in ad consumers mind

2. Share/Give promotional offers to ad consumers 

3. Promote your brand

4. Record your ad campaing in SPACEADX search engine 

5. Get your Brand/Business listed on SPACEADX Advertising search engine

6. Interact with other brands & consumers 

7. Track your ad campaign 

8. Manage your future advertising campaign 

9. Showcase your brand / product & services to global auidence 

10. Move your brand upwards towards a good brand image. 



Analytics: Footprints

Our spaceadx expert interacted with the spacehost and got these numbers. The numbers are based on spacehost personal obeservation & understanding of the adspace external variables.

18000 /Month

Ad space viewers in numbers

300 /Month

200 /Month

100 /Month

Total Impression per month : 18600

Ad space location: