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How about a little touch of personalization and flavour to the car owners and their family. Don’t forget the car moves on the road and onlookers will be watching your brand logo and statement on the car stickers.

Bikes, car, bicycle can be part of private vehicle. Private Space Entry(PSE) is the concept where brands and business can enter the private space of consumers.

Let’s do a simple math. In 24 hours a man/women will be out of the house for 8 hours a day, while he/she is working for his/her bread. During this time, the attention span of the consumer is less, as many chores need to be completed.Hence he/she may not pay so much attention to the ads shown to him via billboards & oher OOH mediums.

Now using SPACEADX advertising platform, business can enter the private space of the consumer, where the recall is high and emotional bonding towards the brand is very high.

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